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Projection Packages

Everything you need for all event sizes

Standard Live Event Package

Standard Live Event

This is the  perfect projection setup for a small to medium sized event (approximately 100-200 people), providing two projected screens with Powerpoint and other presentation options. This turnkey package includes a technician on site for setup, live management and a backup projector to ensure a successful presentation.  


What's Included

  • (2) 6.5’ x 11’ Screens w/skirts

  • (2) 54” AV carts

  • (2) Christie 12DHD projectors

  • (2) Christie  Lens

  • (1) Backup Projector

  • Barco 902-3G switcher

  • Lenovo PPT Laptop

  • PPT  Advancer

  • AJA HDSDI DA- signal splitter

  • HDSDI cable

  • AC cable powerstrips

Plus Live Event Package

Plus Live Event

In addition to all the equipment and services offered in the Standard package, the Plus Live Event package gives you more presentation options, such as video, audio and event recording.


All equipment and services of the Standard Live Event, plus:

  • Lenovo Videoplayback laptop

  • w/ audio interface

  • BMD Editor Pro Video camera

  • Manfratto 504HD Tripod

  • Video Devices 240i HD recorder

Full Live Event Package

Full Live Event

The Full LIve Event package offers the Standard and Plus Live Event packages, plus a mic and a full audio setup with speaker system.


All equipment and services of the Standard and Plus Live Event, plus:

  • Podium Mic

  • Audio Speaker System

  • 16 Channel Audio Mixer

  • 32” DSM

Max Live Event

The Max Live Event will provide you with all your audio, video and projection needs for the entire multi-day event.



  • DAY 1: setup/rehearsal

  • DAY 2: 1st day show

  • DAY 3: 2nd day  show


  • 6 techs setup

  • 5 techs run of show

  • 6 techs strike

All equipment and services of the Standard and Plus and Full Live Event, plus:

  • Ross Carbonite Solo Video Switcher

  • + Barco 902-3G switcher/ 28” Monitor

  • Lenovo work station Live stream

  • TeraDek Go Deluxe HDSDI Livestreamer

  • 80’ Pipe and drape

  • 46” DSM

  • Video Devices 260i HD recorder

  • Shure 4 channels wireless audio /  HH or LAV

  • 2Tb  Hard drive

  • Ross Pivotcam HD (3) + (3) Tripods

  • Video Subswitcher

Ballpark estimate: $24,995

(Does not include travel and hotel expenses)

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